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All viewers must assume or realize that every episode of Phil Television is of a comedic nature. All material posted here is either parody, satire, fiction or any combination of the three. Phil Television assumes no liability for any event leading up to or following the taping or airing of any particular episode. Any episode which closely, exactly or vaguely depicts any event, whether it be natural, unnatural, or an act of an invisible being, should be deemed as coincidental or otherwise unintentional. Whether or not any particular viewer believes in any type or kind of invisible being; man, woman or other, regardless of how much has been written to prove or disprove their theories, will not effect this disclaimer in any way, shape, or form. Since you've taken the time to read this disclaimer, you should take the time to watch every episode available and relish in its mastery.

If you're upset about any wind this disclaimer may have removed from your legal action sails, you should consider seeing an ass specialist. We're sure an ass doctor can figure out how to get whatever is jammed in there removed as fast as possible. Please remember, we're behind you all the way through your recovery.

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